Research Staff

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Because of extraordinary maintenance of the observatory buildings,
the staff phone numbers have been temporary changed.
Here, you can find the list of the current phone numbers


Enzo Brocato

email: enzo.brocato
phone: 708

Roberto Buonanno

Stars & Stellar Populations
email: roberto.buonanno
phone: 705

Michele Cantiello

Stellar Populations & Galaxies
email: michele.cantiello
phone: 749

Matteo Canzari

Astronomical Technologies (SKA)
email: matteo.canzari
phone: 707

Santi Cassisi

Stellar Evolution and Pulsation
email: santi.cassisi
phone: 714

Sergio Cristallo

Stellar Structure and Evolution
email: sergio.cristallo
phone: 704

Fiore De Luise

Astronomical Technologies, Star Clusters & Stellar Populations, Minor Bodies of Solar System
email: fiore.deluise
phone: 712

Gaetano Di Achille

Mars Hydrogeology & Mars and Mercury Tectonics
email: gaetano.diachille
phone: 703

Ivan Di Antonio

Astronomical Technologies and Instrumentation (ERIS, MAORY)
email: ivan.diantonio
phone: 706

Elisa Di Carlo

Structure & Evolution of Stars including final evolutionary phases
email: elisa.dicarlo
phone: 743

Matteo Di Carlo

Astronomical Technologies (SKA)
email: matteo.dicarlo
phone: 712

Gianluca Di Rico

Advanced Astronomical Technologies & Instrumentation
email: gianluca.dirico
phone: 705

Ivan Di Stefano

Measurements of Mercury's gravity field
email: ivan.distefano
phone: —

Mauro Dolci

Astronomical Technologies & Instrumentation
email: mauro.dolci
phone: 735

Luciano Piersanti

Stellar Structure & Evolution
email: luciano.piersanti
phone: 702

Anna Piersimoni

Stellar Populations & Star Clusters
email: anna.piersimoni
phone: 733

Adriano Pietrinferni

Stellar Structure & Evolution
email: adriano.pietrinferni
phone: 709

Massimo Quintini

Data Analysis
email: massimo.quintini
phone: 742

Gabriella Raimondo

Stellar Populations
email: gabriella.raimondo
phone: 710

Oscar Straniero

Stellar Structure & Evolution
email: oscar.straniero
phone: 713

Gaetano Valentini

Advanced Astronomical Technologies & Instrumentation
email: gaetano.valentini
phone: 715