• Enzo Brocato – Director +39 0861 439708
  • Filomena Bencivenga – Chief Administrative Officer

Contact: Sabrina Ciprietti – Director’s Secretary +39 0861 439708; fax: +39 0861 439740


Administrative Offices

Contact the administrative Offices for information on supplying, delivering, payments, etc.


Personnel Office

Contact the Personnel Office for information on the personnel, recruitment, etc.


Technical and Information Technology Offices

Contact the Technical and Information Technology Office (only for suppliers and contracts)



Contact the Library Office for information on books, journals, bibliographic and multimedia material


Press Office

Contact the Press Office for information on the scientific and outreach activities at the OAAB (journalists only)


Outreach and Didactics

  • Gaetano Valentini – Outreach
  • Elisa Di Carlo – Didactics

For information please contact: Marzia Teodori +39 0861 439725; fax: +39 0861 439740