Apr 6

Innovative optical elements for astronomy: from the molecule to the “on sky” device

Giovedì 13 aprile alle ore 15:00, il Dr. Andrea Bianco dell’INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Milano, terrà il web-seminar dal titolo “Innovative optical elements for astronomy: from the molecule to the “on sky” device“.


Both telescopes and their instrumentation are featuring a huge increase in their complexity due to the larger sizes and demanding performances required by the new exciting scientific open cases (the origin
of the universe, dark energy and matter, extrasolar planets and life). The development of innovative materials and processes is a key strategy to reduce the complexity while keeping or improving the performances. In this framework, we studied functional organic materials to be used in optical elements for astronomical instrumentation. In particular, we focus the attention to photochromic materials for making rewritable optical devices thanks to their reversible change in color (transparency). Moreover, we exploit the change in the refractive index to develop phase hologram. Another research line deals with the study of photopolymer based materials to produce high efficient diffraction gratings. Our approach starts from the design of the organic molecules supported by quantum-chemical calculations, their synthesis and spectroscopic characterization. After that, the most promising ones are transformed in thin films and patterned in order to have the final device, which is characterized and eventually mounted on the telescope.

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