Mag 2

Modeling of RR Lyrae pulsating stars in the Gaia and Rubin-LSST era

Giovedì 9 maggio alle ore 15:00, la prof. Marcella Marconi dell’INAF-OA Capodimonte terrà il seminario dal titolo “Modeling of RR Lyrae pulsating stars in the Gaia and Rubin-LSST era”.

RR Lyrae pulsating stars are excellent population II standard candles and powerful tracers of the formation and evolution mechanisms of the oldest galactic components. However, their pulsation properties, and in turn the relations that make them distance indicators, are affected by variations in the chemical compositions and/or evolutionary effects, so an accurate knowledge of these dependencies is mandatory for best exploiting their standard candle nature. An extensive set of nonlinear convective pulsation models of RR Lyrae stars have been recently developed that can reproduce all the relevant pulsation observables as well as quantify the impact of metallicity and helium abundance variations, together with evolutionary effects on their intrinsic luminosity and the predicted relations adopted to infer their distances. Accurate theoretical predictions are provided in several photometric systems, including Gaia and Rubin-LSST. I will discuss the most important results based on these investigations, also in comparison with recent observations for Galactic RR Lyrae.

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