Feb 4

Toward the Future of Gravitational Wave Detection

Giovedì 9 febbraio alle ore 15:00, la Dr. Viviana Fafone dell’Università Tor Vergata di Roma, terrà il web-seminar dal titolo “Toward the Future of Gravitational Wave Detection.


The observation of the universe through gravitational waves is expected to re-open soon: LIGO, Virgo and Kagra have announced the observing run O4 to start in May and last 18 months. In the following run, O5, the LVK network will further improve its detection capabilities. In parallel, there are plans ongoing for the developments of next generation (3G) detectors and studies on how to exploit at best the present infrastructures to maximize their scientific returns and possibly validate technologies for 3G observatories. In this talk an overview on the perspective of the field, with an eye to the technological challenges and to the observational potentialities, will be given.

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